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Painting and Powder Coating

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Supplying Industrial Coating Applications
for the 21st Century

Our Customers are our business!
Timmerman Finishing Inc

Timmerman Finishing Inc, where customer satisfaction is always first. TFI is a proud leader in metal finishing in the greater Twin Cities area for over 30 years. TFI is known for its quality work, and dedication to their customers and is staffed with many long term employees. We look forward to doing business with you.

Painting and Powder Coating
Committed to Quality
Price & Service!

Timmerman Finishing Inc. has been providing industrial coating services to our loyal customers since 1986.

We apply everything from enamels, epoxies and polyurethane to the most difficult water bases and powder coatings in our newly expanded 40,000 square foot building.

Timmerman can custom match colors and provide military specifications to suit any job or application. We will provide the documentation, required for all Military Specifications, to include Certificate of Conformance, Pre Production Process Approvals, and Outside Testing results.

We also provide a "Spray on E-Coat" process.



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